the copyright thing – all the examples here, anything you might read in a book/pamphlet, anything you might record, all of that is copyright of me and all rights apply.

that said if it’s for purely personal use, if you want to paste any of the examples on your blog, if you want to read them out loud and share them with other people that’s okay. if you want to do some sort of collaborative work, that’s okay too, but some credit, letting me know, well that’s only polite (and required).

but, if you want to make or win or otherwise earn any money using my work, or use it in any way to endorse any sort of product, well that’s just forbidden. all the time. in every circumstance.

teachers, you can feel free to reproduce my work as a teaching aid. however, i take the adrian mitchell line on inclusion in any form of examination or test i.e. not on!