published work

You can get my collection stone and sea from calder wood press. a lazarus is available as an ebook on amazon while my Scottish/Romanian photobook distances that I did with Roxana Ghita can only be had in person from me.

I used to have a palmares but it was a bit long so here’s the summary version. I was in various macallan/Scotland on Sunday/orange short story collections as well as other ‘fiction from scotland’ type anthologies. I did some poetry, got short listed and won the national galleries inspired get writing competition. I was shortlisted for the bridport prize in 2012. I’ve been in many pamphlet sized poetry anthologies. My own pamphlet a lazarus was shortlisted for the qartsiluni prize in 2011 and formed the basis for an ongoing interest in sound poetry. I got into a bit of film poetry via Alastair Cook and that collaboration resulted in scene being shown at the berlin film poetry festival.

In between that I did various visual art bits and pieces which included textile installations, collage and multimedia work as well as some straight up pictures on walls.

In 2014 I was published in the Grind, Open Mouse, Glint, Synaesthesia and Miracle. I also did a rare non-fiction piece for the Island Review. Of those few competitions I did I got shortlisted or commended for the national flash fiction day short story competition, coastword and the Yorkshire bike writing competition. In print I found myself in the above mentioned nffd collection, the coastword competition collection, Parthian Book’s gothic collection A Flock of Shadows and in Luath’s Scotia Nova. I was in very happy company writing about bikes again in Red Squirrel’s Tour de Vers and also in their follow up to Split Screen, Double Bill. Then it was a detour into the niche world of football poetry in The Pride and the Passion’s anthology Offside Stories.

after written the above 2015 continued in much the same vein, starting off with a very pleasant and productive residency at sumburgh lighthouse in shetland. you can keep up with my most recent doings on the blog page

the bio issue

Without mystery, without curiosity and without the form imposed by a partial answer, there can be no stories—only confessions, com- muniqués, memories and fragments of autobiographical fantasy which for the moment pass as novels.

John Berger, ‘A Story for Aesop’, from Keeping a Rendezvous

i’m not a fan of the bio. i don’t like the idea that notions of the life of the writer should create some sort of context for the reader. as such, with most bios, given that the writer, you’d hope, has given something immensely personal of themselves, a bio can often seem cruelly unimaginative. i like my privacy but i also believe in readers. i believe the worlds we create in and around the works of writers are just as precious and just as imaginative and don’t often benefit from any intrusion of detail from the life of the writer.

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