this might be a bit of an ironic header seeing as i’m intending submitting a whole lot less this year but bear with me. i’m fortunate in that these last couple of years i’ve been published in a whole variety of places, my hit rate during this time varying between 30 and 60% acceptance during this time.

for writers submitting seems to one of those questions constantly asked. the answer is simple even if they don’t seem to want to accept it. YOU NEED TO SUBMIT.

if you stuff is lying about in a drawer no-one’s coming to ‘discover’ it. you may want to talk about it, sometimes a lot, but talking isn’t submitting and, as an aside, an author droning on about their own work is possibly just about the dullest thing to listen to in the known universe. read the work out loud if you must. but leave it at that.

your poor wee ego can’t cope with the rejection. so stop writing. no really. just stop. rejection’s part of the game. if you don’t like it don’t be blaming the players. people get to not like your work. editors get to feel your work isn’t the right fit. or it may genuinely not be good enough. if you’ve punted round a bit of work to a bunch of people and it’s not doing the business either you’re just unlucky or maybe you want to think about getting some feedback as it’s possible there’s something there you’re not seeing.

have a method. anne sexton was the one who got me into this but these days we have spreadsheets so it’s even easier. not only that there’s the internet so i don’t even have to talk about spreadsheets when jo bell has already done a job on it. read this.

get submitting!


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