literary orphans

i’m delighted to have a wee spray of poems in literary orphans latest edition – scotland and the scottish. i believe it’s been a difficult gestation so thanks to all involved. it’s a nice wee collection filled, other than stuart paterson, with names i’m not immediately familiar with and i’m liking the accompanying images – get browsing!

mine’s include jags, a football based poem that achieved some notoriety with partick thistle fans back in the days of chat rooms. that there might ever have been such a thing as morganites on the supporters bus is one of my fonder memories.

i do see i’ve got an old bio going on there. i do apologise. this won’t be the state of play from now on. i figure enough of me is out in the world without having to give away any other details. so if you fancy making one up for me (usually needs to be less than 100 words but fewer than 50 would be preferable.

bear in mind these bios are usually self aggrandising and stultifying dull so be adventurous. i’m not choosy about identity so you could make that a starting point. experiment with form! i’ll stick them up here and use them for submissions.


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