morgan downie is an unreliable narrator with a deep mistrust of artist’s statements. he believes in the notion that at least one out of every six statements should be wilfully untrue. his is a chequered past involving poetry, short story writing, visual, installation and textile art, book making, sculpture and all points inbetween.

he has been widely anthologised for both short story and poetry. until recently his artwork could only be bought on the island of fårö. it is this connection that prompted his long worked upon secret history of ingmar bergman. when asked where he comes from he describes a place he knows as the mythic archipelago of scotia. morgan downie is an island man.

he loves the bicycle and everything associated with it. he believes that all art may be contained in a single decent bike ride. morgan downie has always been on the road to meikle seggie.


*(see the published work for detail of what i’ve done in the past and also why my bio looks like this)